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A day of sadness turns into a day of revival

After finding out one of my closest cousins was killed in an accident this summer and the death of two other Aunts, my full blooded sister and I sat down and had a summit so to speak.  We are all that is left of the Robert Wright Family, we need to bury our hatchets once and for all.  The good thing was I didn’t initiate the contact, she did.   We talked for two and a half hours on facebook IM, and some new information came to light that finally made the ice between us crack, break, and thaw. I have never felt so close to my sister as I did tonight, and the tears were evident through the whole conversation.

It is no secret that I was molested as a child by an uncle, well I had also blocked  out from my psyche another incident which she reminded me of.  It was one of my fathers friends, and he was caught red handed.  I thought my sister had been untouched by any of this family drama, I was so wrong.  My sister let me know that she too was molested by two family members.  This little information coupled with the epiphany that we were molested by the same individual and the death of a family member has my mind reeling in a direction that I am not too sure of.

I’m confused at the fact that I had no recollection of the second incident.  Did I block it out or did I lose it when I had the brain meltdown? What I do know since she reminded me of it I am getting flash backs of it.  Which is somewhat good I guess, maybe I can process everything the same time.  She said that she wished that she would have said something about the molestation that she went through, then I could have been saved from it.  I reassured her that she couldn’t have known that I would be next on his hit list.

We have revived a long dead sisterhood, it is the one bright ray of sunlight in a very hard and rough day.  The anger and animosity between us is gone, we talked like true sisters.  There is no more fighting after 40 some odd years, we are on the right road to doing one thing and that is reviving family.  What truly messes me up is a bunch of white men did nothing but ruin two sisters emotionally.  Worse yet, some were family and that is just unfathomable.  They say that black men are bad but that is far from the truth.  I have never heard of a black man EVER molesting a child.

I know I have a lot to process still and a lot of tears yet to fall.  I guess it is time to just let god take control and have him tell me what is right.