Archive | December 2012

I feel the storm clouds gathering


I feel the storm clouds gathering on the horizon and I can’t stop them. I am tired of fighting for what I want, I have done it for so long I just want to lay down my weapons and let someone else fight. I love too much, care too much, give everything I have to the special people and there is nothing left for me.  Why can’t someone fight for me, why can’t someone actually say to me that they love me unconditionally.  Why do I always get the harsh treatment, why am I always left behind wondering why I even tried.  Most of all why is there no one out there that can love me period.

Why is it I always feel the sting and bite of the sword named heartbreak run through me.  Why must I always cry out as the lightning strikes and the rain falls.  Why must I always have to gather the pieces of a shattered and broken heart after the storm is over.  Is there anyone at all that can save me, is there anyone at all that can shelter me from the storm?  If you don’t want to shelter me, give me peace just let me skip the storm.  Let the rain come, but let the thunder and lightning not strike.  Just set me adrift of calm waters, and wish me the best.  I will not plea for safe haven again, I will just drift into my nothingness.

If you wish to give me safe haven then tell me so.  If you wish to calm the storm clouds that are brewing then lift your hand and do so.  If you wish to love me unconditionally then tell me so.  If you wish me to stay into your port then please tell me, I will stay away from the storm.  I just need to know something, anything to make the storm go away.  I beg of you to make the storm go away, I can only fight the driving rain for so long alone.   I await your answer, I await the new day dawning where the sun shines and the storm is gone.