How many excuses do we give ourselves?

How many excuses do we give ourselves so we don’t care or fall in love with someone?  I have even lied to myself before, but why do we have to make these excuses?   Some of these excuses are:

1.  I have been hurt too many times

2.  I have trust issues

3.  I don’t have time

4.  I’m not ready to love

With all these excuses, we stop ourselves from being truly happy.  Everyone has doubts at times, but all we have to do is open ourselves to some special people that show us that they are there for us.  We have to forget our past and move on, what one person did to us another one might not.  If  we don’t open our hearts and give love a chance,  we might wish that we had opened our hearts because that person was the one that would make us happy.  The worst excuse I have ever heard from anyone was, all men/women are the same.  That is so far from the truth,  not everyone is the same we are all individuals.  If we feel that way, we must change who we associate with or open ourselves to.  We might be attracted to a certain type of person, but if that type of person has us feeling like everyone is the same then we must change and go outside our comfort zone.

In order to be happy and to fall in love,  we must forget the past and open ourselves to new opportunities.  We need to stop lying to ourselves or make excuses for ourselves not to fall in love.  Everyone’s biggest fear is to be alone, no matter what we tell ourselves we don’t want to not make a connection with someone.  We want to feel a connection on any level, whether it be friendship or sexual.  The thing is,  when things start getting deeper we will start making our excuses to back out.  Live, love, and laugh open yourself to new possibilities you never know the next person might be the greatest love of your life.


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