Relationships and Family Drama

We all have family drama in one form or another, but when we get stressed because of it do we confide in our significant other?  How much strain could that put on a new relationship?  For me, whatever makes my sweetheart sad, angry, hurt, or depressed I would like to know about.  I want to be their confidante, the shoulder that they need to cry on.  This last weekend, my boyfriend CeCe went to go get his daughter, now mind you he lives all the way on the Michigan lake shore and he has to drive three hours to go get her.  The drama started with his ex wife as soon as he got there, and he ended up leaving without his daughter.  I didn’t hear from him until he got home, when I did I listened to him and was his shoulder to cry on.  Even though I am 2 hours away from him,  he had a sounding board for his pain, anger and turmoil   He thanked me for being his outlet, he has never had any woman do that for him and he said that he loved me more for it.

How much family drama is too much?  How far will you go to listen to your mate, about their family, until you say enough and you don’t want to hear it?  Being in an “unconditional” relationship means that you are there for them no matter what.  You love and support them during times of trouble or strife no matter what that might be.  It’s seems sad to me that this concept is lost to most people in this day and age.  Everything is about instant gratification and not about being a supporter in a relationship these days.  This is why divorce rates are so high, if things get too rough it is better to walk on then talk things out.  To me this is very sad, when I was growing up it was nothing to hear that a couple had been together 30, 40, or 50 years.  The longest I have heard a couple being together in this day and age has been between 10 and 20, divorce has been so much easier to obtain then dealing with the problems.  Relationships are also a lost concept, yes there are a few that get into them but it is so much easier to walk away,  instead of trying to build something lasting.

These days,  the internet has afforded us a way to date more people then ever.  If a person wants to cheat, that is easy also just go on a sex site and find someone who will help you cheat.   The thought of building a strong foundation for a relationship is generally not an issue anymore since being with someone for a night or week is so much easier to obtain.  We need to get back to the basics in relationships, we need to remember what the generations before us have done, instead of looking at the fast easy way that today affords.  Maybe then relationships will last longer.  So my thought about how much family drama is too much, it is unlimited.  I am there to be a best friend and confidante to my mate no matter what, I live by the old ways in that aspect.  If everyone thought that way, this world might be a whole lot happier.


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